KORUS | Forecast

Cloud service for demand forecasting

For retailers and FMCG distributors;
For large and mid-size business

Advantages KORUS | Forecast

More accuracy

  • To raise KPI of logistics by increasing goods turnover and reducing Out-of-Stock, non-current assets and write-offs.

  • To reduce a number of mistakes by using automated mathematical algorithms and checking a number of manual corrections.

More efficiency

  • To decrease time and volume of manual labour for data input by facilitating and automating forecasting.

  • To have a possibility to manage demand for all goods by using a unified centralized service for all goods and chain stores.

More loyalty

  • To raise customer loyalty
    To demonstrate a deep understanding of demand for all goods, brands, private brands in all chain’s stores.

  • To speed up decision making process.

Service Functions

Demand forecasting
Levels: goods / store/ day / volume

Demand calculation and forecasting for all goods and all stores of the chain and distribution centers for a dedicated period of time.

Your current information systems and business process will be insignificantly modified.
reports hours for calculation math models data volume Forecast Reporting Competitors’ prices Checks Remaining goods Prices Promos Assortment Data Result Demand forecasting
1.42 млн 266.07 47 тыс

Analytics tool

Allows controlling KPIs, receiving detailed information for calculated forecast and finding causes for errors.

All reports are available in the cloud and could be accessed in any web browser or mobile app.

Corrections options

If needed, a calculated forecast can be modified.

  • Do you want to make forecasting more accurate?

  • Not to see empty shelves in your stores?

  • To reduce costs for logistics?

  • To reduce volume of lost profit?

We will tell you how!

Why KORUS | Forecast

No initial investments

No need to buy hardware or software or to invest into a large-scale project

Result in 3 months

You will start earning in 3 months

Expert advice

KORUS Consulting IT professionals and retail experts will help you finetune KORUS | Forecast for your needs.

How It works


To collect data from IT systems

We take the responsibility to finetune the service taking into consideration your particular data.


To process data and calculate forecast in the cloud

Due to cloud technologies, you will receive a ready forecast within one day.


To have a result

A quality forecast for all goods and stores of the chain or a distribution center for a dedicated period of time.

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